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I recently got a new PS Vita and I wonder why but this meant-to-be-more-expensive 3G model was the cheapest Vita I could find, so I got it, and so I got a need to have a SIM card to check how it works xd Since I didn’t have a spare SIM but only my main SIM card which was well… brutally converted to micro SIM using scissors and nail file I had to find a cheap way to get it into my PS Vita…
To my luck I got an useless Vodafone SIM card which doesn’t work in Poland, sooo why not cut out a hole in it for my micro SIM and put it into PS Vita? So I took a wire, some fire, pliers and old nail file, did some measurements on where should I cut through the card using my hot wire held using the pliers and cut out the hole. Then using irreplaceable nail file I smoothed out the edges aaaaand made the hole bigger cos my measurements were incorrect xd To my amezement after I could fit the micro SIM into the hole I put it into my PS Vita aaaand… it works! xD
Great invention… some photos:

My PSN Card test

zero3growlithe Trophy Card

Maybe i’ll make such thing in my game if possible ‘.’?

Some good times online and one perfect run and one time trial :P

Christmas edition:

Many A.I ships at once on track:

Some of my Music :D

Alphard Forward:

Alphard Reverse + Ships (Callisto, Tureis, Viper, Atlas):

Pashtun Wheel:


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